Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Things to remember when job hunting

If you're like me and have just finished university, then you'll have started the dreaded job hunt. I knew all the way through uni that the hardest thing would be finding a job at the end of it all but I didn't realise how hard and disheartening it would be. So I thought I'd make a little lists of things to remember and keep in mind when looking for the dream (or just essential to survive) job.

1. Apply for everything
Ok, not everything but I would say if it's generally the job you want and you're not awesome of photoshop like the job asks or actually rubbish at maths, apply anyway. The worst thing that will happen is they will gloss over your CV but you also might get an interview! Things can be worked on!

2. No one answers
Applying for millions of jobs, hear nothing back. It's so infuriating when you don't even get an automated email to say you weren't successful especially if there was a long application process. I recently did 6 online tasks just to apply and hear absolutely nothing, which I think is completely unfair. Just remember, there's plenty more jobs so move on and keep applying.

3. Don't lose self-respect
When you want a job, you're suddenly an object to be commented on whether that be good or bad. This is fair enough but don't lose respect for yourself by letting recruiters take it too far. A recruitment consultant talked to me by phone for 20 minutes for an alright but not my dream job only to start insulting my answers.  So I declined her offer of a meeting because sometimes, being insulted over the phone just because you want a job isn't what you need when you're job hunting.

4. Don't quit your current job
If like me you've already got the job you've already had through uni, stick with it. It may feel like you've outgrown it and just want to get out there and do the job you're trained to do but finding a job might take some time and driving around to interviews costs money. Stick with your current job until you get your new job.

5. Take a break.
A recently took a week off from looking for a job, I went away and forgot about it. I got two rejections during this week from interviews I'd gone to the week previous which did ruin my week off a little but It felt great to not feel the pressure for a week and something I looked forward to.

6. Focus on yourself and don't get disheartened.
I feel like a failure when my friends are getting jobs and I'm not, like why am I not getting one too? But I just remember to focus on myself and use that thought to motivate me more to get a job.

These are just a few things I keep in mind while I am job hunting but might not work for everyone. I think the main thing to do is remain positive, you will get a job eventually! So good luck!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Outfit post #51

Top- Miss Selfridge
Skirt- Ark
Sandals- eBay

I never go out. Not that I don't want to but no one ever wants to go out with me. I partly blame my awesome moves that have no regard for the sexy little shuffle that everyone else seems to do, I am too much. But on Tuesday I actually managed to drag someone (yes Jenna) into town with me for a spot of Mosh Tuesday action. When going out I have to think about what allows me to dance with ease but also allows me to be a sweaty mess so I picked this. I felt like a spice girl, it was brilliant! I love this crop top from Miss Selfridge and at only £8 it's a steal. I am not a crop top kind of girl, I am a size 12 who likes cheese so I definitely don't opt for crop tops but with this scalloped edge skirt from Ark, it looks great and reveals nothing of my burger eating. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Battening down the hatches for Winter

I'm not going to lie, I'm excited for Winter. Obviously not for the freezing weather and the snow making getting to work impossible but the fashion, more precisely coats and boots. I'm so eager, that during a heatwave a couple of weeks ago, I bought two coats in a week and the week after a pair of coats. What's wrong with me? I should be outside enjoying the heat but instead I'm in stuffy shops purchasing ridiculous amounts of coat (for a week, anyway).

This first one if for casual outfits with jeans and converse. Days that require walks outside or maybe popping to the shops. Everyone had these last year and I've been peering up at one on the top rail in the stock room at work wondering if it was my size. However when I saw this one for £19 in the Matalan sale, I thought I'd buy it rather than see if the one at work was my size.

This beauty is my amazing, fantastic, magic coat. Well...I think so. My mum told me about this in a biege colour but when I got there this blue one won me over. This is like my formal winter coat, going to work (when I get a super duper job to suit it) and going shopping type coat. It's so beautiful and I have my eye on a baby pink fur snood to go with it. This amazingly was £23 and after it didn't take much persuasion from my mum before I was at the till with my card in the reader.

These boots are from New Look. I'm finding a lot of New Look boots are Vagabond type dupes and I would say these are as well the the vagabond double buckle boots. At only £24.99, they're a bargain I think and although they're are wide fit and my feet aren't, a gel cushion has made them fit perfectly.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

For the love of stripes

I don't know what's with me. All I am attracted to lately is stripes, more specifically striped tops. My pinterest fashion board is full of them and so is my wardrobe, I just can't get enough of them. I peruse shops and have begun ignoring my safe florals in favor of beautiful horizontal stripes. I collected jumpers, long sleeve sleeve jersey tops, navy, black, white and red, as long as it's a stripe, I'm on board. They're just such a timeless print which always look effortlessly chic especially when paired with black jeans or trousers, it's a look that can never be wrong.  I just can't wait for A/W14 to crack them out!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Depop life

It wasn't long before I jumper on the Depop bandwagon. It seemed like an easier version on eBay, no tense bidding wars and lost of nice things. I've actually bought some nice things off there as well as selling a few of my unwanted things. It's useful but there are a few downsides. But first I will show you some of the pretty bargains I've managed to snap up. 

This River Island jumper was purchased from clashofclothes. I wanted in when it was in the shop but was a little too slow on buying it. But she was selling this for £15 so I didn't hesitate to buy. It's so soft and will be a winter staple.

This top was bought from atrendimadeearlier. Again, it was something I wanted from H&M but was really unsure until it was too late. 

This dress is a dream. That's all I can say. It was only £20 and all I feel is happiness that I bought it. Again it's from river island originally. 

However I have also felt the downside of the site. I purchased a jacket from a seller decribed it was perfect condition. It clearly wasn't, with a hole in and a stain that actually looks like blood on it. The seller also lied about posting it until I started a PayPal dispute. When messages about the condition I was sent an abusive message and blocked. The item went straight in the bin once PayPal managed to get me a partial refund. It really woke me up to the disappointing side of depop where a seller can seem nice and genuine but really wants to get rid of there disgusting tat and conning people which is shame really. Needless to say, I'm pleased with my more recent purchases and think they're beautiful. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Outfit Post #50

One of my recent purchases was this denim dress. It was in the New Look sale for £24 and I knew I had to have it. Not only is it great for warm days with bare legs but I can also see this being a winter staple with black tights and boots. I bought it a size bigger (not only because that's all there was) because I think denim dresses look better looser. Who wants a clingy, got, denim dress. 

I've been after this river island bag for ages. It went into sale and couldn't find it anywhere. I found this one, no long strap and ripped but knew my mum could fix that. It was discounted to £7.50 because of it. However I see why it went into sale. If it rubs on anything, it leaves a black mark on it which is disappointing. 

Dress- New Look
Bag- River Island

Outfit Post 49

I tend to wear this outfit a lot for work. I love this colour at the moment but I'm pretty wary of over wearing it. With it being all over the high street, it's hard for me not to stock my wardrobe completely in bright green. Black jeans are my favourite and I really want some ripped knee ones but asos and topshop are just too pricey and paying more for a pair of jeans with holes in is ridiculous. I think I might just get some £7 Primark ones and have a go myself. 
Everyone has these sandals, they're really popular. Everyone got there's from New Look but I panicked they would never come back in stock and opted for so,e eBay. Exactly the same but a fiver less. 

Top- Camero Rose at New Look
Jeans- New Look
necklace- New Look
Sandals- eBay