Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sale purchases

Ok, so i've not gone sale crazy and although I eagerly tried to access the failing Topshop website this morning, I wasn't particularly impressed by their offering. Instead I've opted for a couple of items from H&M, a jumper from Asos and this dreamy waterfall jacket from River Island. 

I've seen this jacket before but with a £60 price tag, it was never something I even considered buying. But at 50% off, I couldn't resist. It will be great to throw on on chillier summer days but also take me right into autumn. River Island £30

This orange jacket, cardi, thing is something I wasn't sure on but after trying it on in a small, it looks lovely. This isn't in the sale in the shop so returned it for my £24.99 back and purchased it as £15 online. £15 H&M

I love love LOVE is top. The print is just dreamy but I'm unsure about size. It looks pretty oversized in the photo, so again I opted for a small so I'm really hoping it fits when it arrives. It's also scuba material which I hate but I couldn't not get it just for that reason. £12 H&M

I bought this jumper a while ago when asos also had a 30% off code of everything including sale so I got this at an epic bargain price. I love the cute little anchors in the elbows. £15 Asos

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Outfit Post 49

I tend to wear this outfit a lot for work. I love this colour at the moment but I'm pretty wary of over wearing it. With it being all over the high street, it's hard for me not to stock my wardrobe completely in bright green. Black jeans are my favourite and I really want some ripped knee ones but asos and topshop are just too pricey and paying more for a pair of jeans with holes in is ridiculous. I think I might just get some £7 Primark ones and have a go myself. 
Everyone has these sandals, they're really popular. Everyone got there's from New Look but I panicked they would never come back in stock and opted for so,e eBay. Exactly the same but a fiver less. 

Top- Camero Rose at New Look
Jeans- New Look
necklace- New Look
Sandals- eBay

Outfit post #48

Hello everyone! I'm currently just trying to clear a mini outfit post back log I have on my camera. This is a photo I took just after my birthday (March!!). This is one of my favorite outfits, it's just so easy to put together and is really comfortable to wear. I got the bag for my birthday after I'd kept eyeing it up every Friday in M&S with my mum so she got it me! I also finally got myself some white leather converse using a gift card my sister got me for my 21st.

Top- George at Asda
Jeans- H&M
Shoes converse
Bag- Marks and Spencer
Necklace- Primark
Lipstick- Sevententeen

As I've said previously, my domain has expired and google won't help me renew it. I don't know what happens after so I'll continue posting and hope I don't lose everything. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Just a little update

HELLO EVERYONE! Have you missed me? No, didn't think so ha! I thought I haven't posted fully in a while, I'd just a little update post before I hopefully will resume normal posting. I may have already mentioned some of these things but I am so forgetful, I have no idea.

1. I've finished university. Yes, as of last week when I handed in my last piece of work and I'm now a bum. I have to admit, I'm glad to have finished and be free of the constant feeling that I had something to do or some work to do. However, before you ask what everyone else does, what are you going to do now (I mean even the personal trainer at the gym asked me, come one!), I don't actually know what to do now. But I'm going to myself a little of the summer off and then get on the search for a job.

2. I've joined a gym. I have faced my fears of gyms and bit the bullet. I joined Pure Gym Leicester which is £18.99 a month. Although it's not the cheapest gym in my area, it was the one less daunting and all the scary body building are kept in a...pen haha. Also classes are included in that price but I'm not running before I can walk. (Pun!!)

3. I still work at New Look. I mentioned in my last few outfit posts from way back when that I now work at New Look. Although it can be quite an irritating job when the customers talk to you like you're nothing, it is a lot better than my last job at the Co-op. Although my bank account wouldn't agree.

4. I bought a Kobo mini. As I now have a little free time and I'm not forced to read about punk culture and activism or whatever else, I am hoping to start reading more. I'm currently reading The Fault in our stars and bought the Everyday Sexism book for the next read but last night I ordered a Kobo mini off eBay hoping a new gadget with encourage my reading. Smushy novels here I come!

5. If you read my previous post, as of 14th May, I'm not sure where my blog will be. My domain runs out and I don't know the log in email address to renew it. I've contacted google and they won't reply so I'm hoping it will run out and I can quickly buy it back. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, pointless post but still, I'm back!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Domain help?

As of 14th May I am not sure what will happen to My domain won't auto renew without me turning it on yet I can't get into my account as I've forgot my password. Google are no help and won't reply to my emails. I've managed to find the email however I don't know what the password is. If anyone knows how to retrieve the password or what happens when my domain ends pleas let me know!  I'm worried I'll lose my blog forever :( 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Highcross Spring Fashion Fix

Yesterday I went to the Highcross Spring Fashion Fix in the Leicester's Highcross shopping centre. It was an event taking a look at the hot spring trends on offer at the the centre with a fashion show and lots of free treatments going on. I booked myself into the BB Brows Brow makeover only thinking I was going to attend that but in the end, I couldn't pull myself away. Although, sadly, I'd missed the fashion show, I got to watch the colour consultation which was a talk about what what colours to wear this season depending on your complexion and hair colour.

It wasn't all about the fashion though! There were free beauty treatments and consultations available which I took full advantage of. First I went to my booked brow makeover where I was given lovely brows using the latest HD brow palette. Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the 10% discount when buying it, poor student everyone! 

Then I went over to Clinique and was talked through there 3 step skin care regime and comparing using the three steps as opposed with using just the moisturiser on its own using my hands. You really notice the difference!! She then used a bit of concealer and chubby stick so I could get a little taste of the cosmetics side as well.

Finally, I went over to two girls from L'occitane. This I found was the best one! They talked about their latest no one product, the Divine cream moisturiser and talked about all the benefits then they tested how moist/dry my skin was with a machine. I was shocked to find my skin was a 34, with a number in the 60s being the number they look for in healthy skin. I was told to drink more water and use a moisturiser with more ingredients than my trusty simple moisturiser. I would just purchase the one they talked about but at £72, I can't sacrifice than many new dresses for a pot of moisturiser. 

Overall, I had a great time at the event. I went to the one they did in Autumn as wel,l when I attended the Leicester blogger meet up and I highly recommend it. If there is another in future it would be a great day out, get some lunch then going shopping then to the fashion fix. So make sure you watch out for next one and take a visit to Highcross!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

What's in my make up bag?

Thought I'd give you all a little post before I begin writing my 10,000 word dissertation this week. I'm hoping to get back into blogging this Summer as uni will have finish and it will be facing the horrid task of finding a job. Anyway back to the post at hand.
I am not one for expensive make up, I truly believe that there is no point on spending a fortune on something which at the end of the day, you just wipe off. This is just what I am using at the minute or haven't even used yet as I only bought the Seventeen gel liner today to perk me up before work.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed power 2. Seventeen Smoulder gel eyeliner 3. Collection fast stroke liquid eyeline 4. CK Shock perfume 4. Superdrug tweezers 5. MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter 6. Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick 7. B. Flawless Complete Coverage foundation 8. L'oreal Miss Manga mascara 9. Seventeen Instant glow 10. Palmers cocoa butter lip balm 11. Natural collection eyeshadow (I use it on my brows) 12. Natural Collection blusher 13. Sleek Blusher 14. Real techniques stippling brush 15. Superdrug blush brush.