Friday, 21 August 2015

Meet Teddy...

Four weeks ago my life completely changed. My whole life revolved around another little life and sudden;y had no time for anything else. I got a puppy. After badgering my mum and dad for a dog for ages, they finally caved.

Teddy is a lhasa apso and it now 3 and a half months old. I've had him for a month now and I can't remember what it was like without him. He's had his jabs, been microchipped (yelp!), had his first walk and tomorrow will have his haircut. I think he's reasomably well behaved and already grown out of chewing the chairs and rug *touch wood*. Now we're learning some commands, at the minute we can do sit, come here, lay down (kind of) and we're in the process of leave it. It's so nice to come home to an excited puppy wagging his tale and I'm so glad he's mine!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Who's this?

So how do I do this? Am  I meant to just write and pretend that I haven't disappeared off the internet for 5 months or do I try an explain myself? Well I've chose the latter but I'm not really explaining myself as there is nothing to explain. There isn't any reason for my lack of posts just the fact that I have no times and no ideas.

Since the last time I posted I got a full time job which is all good. But work half 8 until 6 in the evening means the four hours between finishing work and getting in bed are spent eating and going to gym, rather than talking about how much I love my outfit.That's another thing, only wearing my own clothes 2 days a week makes me the saddest fashion blogger ever. How do I decide on only two outfits a week to wear, it's just crazy!

So anyway, this is just a note to say I am back, I'm not sure for how long but I AM BACK!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Got my ears pierced at Claire's, am I going to die?

Yes I did get my ears pierced at Claire's on Monday and nope, I haven't died of a mouldy ear (yet). I thought I'd write a little post as everything I found on the internet before getting it done is basically negative or wrote by some emo covered in piercings being a piercings snob. Sunday night I decided I wanted to get my upper lobe pierced and researched a bunch of places near me. I'd picked on and went to town and then, chicken. My main fear was that I'd walk in and be looked down on for my measly ear piercing and you know what, I just don't need that! 

As I walked past Claire's I thought I'd just go in and ask. Obviously everyone knows that they have a reputation about not being clean, having 17 year olds Saturday girls piercing 8 week old babies' ears and generally not being the place to go. But I'm 21 and realise that if my ear does go mouldy, I can take myself to the doctors like a big girl. 

When she told me it would be whatever the earring costs and that's it, I was sold straight away. The cleaning solution and actual piercing is free! (or some clever inflated earrings prices, but hey, I'm in.) Also knowing there would be no scary piercer, just an average shop assistant who'd got their hands on a piercing gun made me feel a lot better...kind of. I chose the cheapest earrings, what can I say I'm unemployed, which were £15. 

All I can say is it was fine! She cleaned the surface she was working on, wore gloves, cleaned my ear, and my earrings came out a surgically wrapped packaging. I understand that the middle of the shop is not a sterile area but I'm not wiping my ear round the floor! Everything was explained to me and the woman who did it knew what she was doing and did it quick (and accurately ha!). It was done using a gun which I know has haters but I think the slower process of a needle wouldn't have been my cup of tea. 

Obviously it is now only Wednesday and my only worry is that they are a little tender but I'm thinking my ear has been essentially hole punched, what do I expect? Also I would say my ear lobes are quite chubby and their studs seem a little short, in the fact that they're probably for kid's ears I'm guessing. That would be my only negative about it all. 

Although they give you a huge bottle of cleaning solution, I bought some Savlon spray as well as this is what I used when I got my ears pierced when I was younger so better safe than sorry.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Product Review: Dove Summer Glow Soft Shimmer Nourishing Lotion

Looking in the mirror in Winter and I'm a pastey mess. Don't get me wrong I am not mahogany in the Summer but I'm a nice shade of white in the warmer months. I decided I needed to add a bit of subtle colour and looked to gradual tanners for a little help. I've tried the Garnier and Nivea ones but I'd heard the Dove version was the bee's knees so I picked it up hoping to revive my sad skin.

Sadly it does still have the biscuit smell that all tans have but I actually found this one worse than actual fake tan, it could be smelt radiating off me a mile away...maybe. I also didn't mean to pick up the shimmer version which is horrid, my hands were covered in glitter for days after which was a shame, but I suppose it does say "shimmer". As for the colour, I went for the medium to dark and that is one thing I am impressed with. The colour is good and I even got tan hands afterwards which is a good sign for a gradual tanner (until I realise I can't get it off!).

The lotion costs around £3.50 for 250ml bottle but it's always on offer, especially in the Summer so if you can hold out you can get a bargain. But of course for £3.50 it is an ok product with an affordable price tag so you don't really have to hang around to get it. But I would probably recommend going for the version without the shimmer. It might be great for the Summer months with the sun reflecting off you, but in Winter you risk being mistaken for a Christmas tree.

Do you use gradual tans? Which ones do you recommend?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Gym Outfit #1

(Mardy face because no one wants to go gym really)

I am not the biggest gym goer but I really want to change that this year. I actually really enjoy the gym but have lost my way a bit and lose interest pretty quickly. This is an outfit I wear to the gym. I don't really like splashing out on gymwear, all I am doing to sweating in it, so all of this outfit bar the trainers are from Tesco. The leggings were only £8 and the top was £5 in the sale. I have some black roshe runs but I find these ones are a lot more supportive on my feet and have more bounce to them. I might write a post on affordable gym wear as there is a lot out there right now and I just want to buy it all!!

Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! It's time for everyone to decide on their resolutions for the year, or the first week and then abandon all efforts like me. However I have a few goals and resolutions for this year, whether I complete them or not doesn't bother me too much but it's definitely worth having in mind these goals just for something to focus on in the first few months (or weeks) of the year.

1. To blog regularly
I know in the last year my blogging has stalled and I have become more of a reader of blogs and even more, a watcher of vlogs. I am aiming to post twice a week at first on a Tuesday and Sunday with the hope of adding an extra one in here and there. At some point I want to buy a new tripod after my last two broke so I can do my outfit posts again. I also want to comment and interact more on other people's blogs.

2. Lose some podge
Ohhhh. I lost a stone about two years ago and I've gained about half of it since. But I really want to try harder with just getting rid of some of my belly podge and just having hips that are the same (What's with that, one smooth side and one blubbery side, come one!)

3. Find a good job
What? It has to be one! This has to be my number one goal, to find a full time job preferably PR, fashion, social media-ish related but just to find a job I am happy in and not feel like an unemployed loser.


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Reflection

Looking back on the past year the word that comes to mind is average. I am looking at endless posts on Facebook gushing at how brilliant everyone's year has been, and mine has had brilliant times especially at the beginning of the year but ehh, it could have been a more smoother year.

Last January I passed my driving test, 2nd time. I was so please as I was sure I failed when I got wedged on the curb when doing my reverse round a corner but when the examiner said he wasn't that mean, I could have hugged him. Also through March I was banging out my dissertation at super speed hoping that I sounded like I knew what I was on about but really rambling for 40 pages. But hey, it worked and I graduated in July with a 2.1 in Journalism and Media on the hottest day of the year. Well the hottest day of year to be in a all black gown and hat, MELTING. I also got a car!!

This is where my luck started to change. I left my job at lovely New Look for a full time job unrelated to my degree and also something I felt uncomfortable doing. I quit after two weeks, dreading every day I was there and knowing they wanted me for at least two years, the thought made me cry. It seems stupid quitting a well paid job with security for two years but I regret nothing, it was a job I weren't particularly cut out for or had the knowledge for.

In October, shortly after that I got a temp job (YAY!) but the between finishing my previous job and starting my temp one, my Grandma became ill and passed away. I'd say that's been the most rubbish part of the whole year. It's definitely made me realise a few things like who your true friends are but also that really, whatever job you spent your whole life doing, when it comes to it, it doesn't really matter because you're really remembered for who you spent your life with. (That was a bit smushy weren't it?)

There were a few other things that have convinced me this year wasn't my year such as missing out in the final stage for pretty much every interview I got to. I popped my tyre a month after I got a set of new ones, BYE £40! Oh, and that for the past month and a half I've visited the dentist every two weeks because I am having to have root canal and a crown. Which is just terrifying for someone who fears the dentist.

However sat here on New Years Eve, unemployed and having signed up for jobseekers two days ago, I am optimistic that 2015 will definitely be a better year. I will get a fantastic PR (I hope) job and just have a generally brilliant year. Then this time next year I'll be writing the smug Facebook status.