Thursday, 27 November 2014

The fur coat

(Excuse the blur, but my face was just too scary.)

I already have a leopard fur coat but my fury cravings haven't been satisfied. It doesn't have full lengths sleeves for one, which means I must have another, you know, to make up for the lack of sleeves on my other one.

 Half way through a 11 hour shift at the weekend, I sat in the canteen and realised my need for faux fur and went next door to New Look. What happened after that is a blur. I purchased this beauty at 25% off. I was lusting over a green one very similar from Matalan but decided it might have been a bit too out there for me and I'd struggled to style it. This one is lovely and soft and because there's no heavy collar, I can wear my nice scarves with it too when it gets colder.

I believe it's gone down further in price now though, my luck 'ey!


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Winter reading?

I'm not much of a reader. I like the idea of it, curled up on the sofa under a blanket, next to the fire with a hot chocolate reading a good book, it sounds so nice. However it just isn't meant to be. Unless it's a trashu, rubbish book, I'm lose interest at about page 50. Lately though some books have really took my fancy (but will inevitably put down at precisely page 50).

Saturday, 8 November 2014

November Lust List

Faux Fur Coat- Matalan £35
Striped Dress- Marks and Spencer £39.50
Polo neck jumper- New Look £14.99 
Contrast Stripe top- River Island £20 
Lilly Loafer Shoes- Topshop £30 
Leopard Skirt- Topshop £38 
Leopard Vans- Asos £50

Thursday, 6 November 2014

L'Oreal Paris Preference Intense Ombre

I decided to pick up one of these kits up on a whim. It was buy one get one free on hair dyes in Superdrug and I wanted it. I didn't even need two of these so I have no idea why I picked two up! I picked this shade because the model on the box's hair was as dark as mine so I thought that would mean it would turn out the same. Obviously anyone who has dyed their hair with box dye knows never believe the model on the front.

I found the process of creating the ombre effect really easy. The handy little brush you get with it is like a god send and I can imagine creating the effect would be really diffcult with out it. I looked online at tips to get a good ombre effect rather than a dip dye and people recommended applying to the ends first then go upwards so you get more intense colour at the end that fades towards the roots. Also angling the brush was a good tip is creating less of a blunt line. 

In terms with the colour I was greeted with after washing it out...I wasn't happy. I'd fail to notice that if you had dyed your hair before, the pigments left in your hair would mean any kind of lightening would leave your lovely hair a vibrant shade of orange. I kept it like this for a few days but in the end I had to pick up some blonde toner. I used Bleach London's white toner to help tone the colour down. That's when  I was happy.

Since then, today to be exact, I used my second box to help intensify my ombre. Of course, it went orangey again but I pick up the toner mousse. I am so happy with the result I have now I would definitely recommend going through the ombre and toner process twice (with weeks apart) to get a better result. 

My overal verdict is that this kit would be ideal for someone with hair that has never been dyed unless you're willing to pay the extra pounds to buy toner etc. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's happened?

I'm sitting here at 20 past midnight on a Monday typing this in my mess of a room thinking about the last few weeks. I no longer know which clothes on the floor have been freshly cleaned and which are dirty, it's getting ridiculous now. These lasts few weeks have definitely not been the most brilliant for me, granted they were full of such potential yet it was not meant to be. In these weeks I've left two jobs, being unemployed, broken two teeth, my grandma's in hospital and I topped this all off this evening by treading on a frog. I've added frog murderer to the list.

I'll start with the whole job thing! I was so happy I'd finally landed myself a full time job, I can finally be one of those smug idiots on facebook like "Yes, real job!". I left my lovely job at New Look for a nice, sitting down, tea drinking office job with weekends off, a dream for anybody working in retail. I lasted less than two weeks. I felt useless and knowing I'd be stuck in the job, which I already hated, for at least two years sucked the life out of me so after a few hours crying about how much I hated it, I left the next day with no back up job. I felt better instantly but with no savings I'm still very on edge about the future.

However, I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise. Like I mentioned my grandma has gone into hospital so with my lack of job, I am not burdened by explaining to a boss why I'm not coming in like everyone else.

In the weeks following I broke one tooth, which I got over. I hate the dentist so any teeth related issues make me sob like a baby, thinking I may have to see the dentist. However this week, I broke another! I broke it on a pizza slice! I can never trust pizza again now.

The final thing being my grandma's in hospital which sucks for obvious reasons that don't need explaining in this rambling blog post.

So this is my rubbish past 3 weeks summed up in a handy little blog post for you. I am an unemployed frog murderer with the teeth of a drug addict and practically living in a hospital.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Little treat

Topshop- £18

After leaving my new job I've put myself on a spending ban, not knowing when im next getting  some extra money, I was not spending anything. But yesterday I managed to get myself a temporary Christmas job so I treated myself. 

I'd lusted over the black one of this top from topshop for a while after my size in this one seemed impossible to find. But in my local outfit I found a size bigger which fit nice and slightly oversized. So I snapped it up instantly and I'm so happy with it! 

Friday, 3 October 2014

The hat

A little while ago I decided I needed a hat. It was definitely a need rather than a want, it was essential that I had one. Flicking through pinterest at the endless stream of fashionable people in nice hats, there was no choice, the hat had to be mine. I loved one in H&M but at £14.99, I couldn't commit in case I ended up never wearing it. I've had a hat before you see but it has been banished to the back of my wardrobe after an idiot shouted "nice hat!" at me in the street and I immediately felt that Leicester wasn't ready for fashion hats.

This beauty is primark. At £7, it was half the price of the H&M one and looked exactly the same. I tried it on, put it back and let the shop only to walk straight back in again and buy it. I am so glad I did! It's also 100% wool, so I'll be toasty and fashionable in the chilly winter months.